Yoga Focus Workshop Series


Yoga Focus is our in-depth weekend workshop series offered once a month at Infinite Yoga. Each series focuses on one particular topic and progesses over two days. Space is limited to ensure individual attention and results. The two-day intensive format allows time to absorb, review, repeat and progress. With each Yoga Focus Series you’ll gain fresh insight, build self-confidence and advance in your practice and knowledge of yoga.

I enjoyed every minute of it. I was a little nervous going into the workshop, because I didn’t know what to expect, but right away, Dana put me at ease. I never felt pressure to do more than I could or that she was pushing us beyond our means. At the same time, I feel like we all progressed a lot with each session. I really loved it, as you can tell, since I signed up for the other two right away! C.C.

Yoga Focus Workshops are taught by highly experienced specialists, experts in the field of yoga asana, philosophy, anatomy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, holistic nutrition and other related fields. Our once a month “Focus” offers a variety of topics, always something new and fresh to explore and broaden your knowledge of yoga and yourself and to compliment the Infinite Yoga practice. Yoga Focus Series are designed for All Levels – everyone is welcome. Many of the series offer CEU’s for Yoga Alliance.

Preregistration is required as space is intentionally limited. This ensures each student experiences individual attention, gains the most out of the workshop series and is able to move further forward in their yoga practice. As these workshops are very popular and highly effective, they sell out very quickly.

The entire experience was excellent because not only did my back bending improve but I learned a lot about myself and the practice. The homework piece was super helpful too… it helped me from week to week. The group was great, the time was good. Yep, it was excellent. Thanks again and I can’t wait for the next. R.G.L.

Saturday/Sunday Format & Prices
Prices and times vary according to the topic offered*. Please scroll below for upcoming series dates and times, info on teachers and prices. If you currently have a class package or monthly membership with Infinite, click on your special IY discount!

Thank you again for yet another amazing Yoga Focus! I have become not only addicted to the specialized focus but also spoiled by your semi-private instruction! J.W.

* Please Note: There are no refunds if you miss a class.

Yoga Focus Workshops

  • Balancing Hormones Through Ayurveda & Pranayama w/Jutta Hecht

    May 20th 2017 4:00 – 6:00pm
    May 21st 2017 12:00 – 2:00pm

    Balance Hormones Through Ayurveda & Pranayama w/Jutta HechtLearn simple, yet powerful Pranayama (breath work) techniques to balance your endocrine system. The endocrine system is the bridge between the body, mind and consciousness. Learn how meditation can deeply effect the pineal gland (band master of the endocrine system) and harmonize your entire system.
    If you are experiencing blood sugar imbalances, low energy, foggy brain, depression, insomnia, hyper or hypo thyroid – all of these may be symptoms of hormonal imbalances and will be addressed in detail in this informative Focus series. You’ll also learn about Ayurvedic herbs that can naturally balance the endocrine system/hormones.

    This Yoga Focus weekend is geared towards anyone experiencing these issues as well as yoga teachers, holistic health practitioners & personal trainers interested in learning natural techniques to offer to their clients.
    All Yoga Focus Workshop Series are interactive! This one will include yoga/pranayama practice as well as lecture each day. Please bring a notebook, yoga mat and an empty stomach is best!

    Jutta Hecht Ayurvedic Practitioner

    Jutta Hecht – Ayurvedic Practitioner

    Jutta spent five years in India studying authentic Yoga and Ayurveda. She was one of the first Western students to be trained as a teacher by A.G. Mohan and continued to work in Ayurvedic clinics before returning to the West. In the last 25 years she has taught classes in Ayurveda and Yoga, led training seminars in Germany, India, and California, as well as offering practical Ayurvedic treatments and consultations regarding lifestyle and diet – helping to bring about vibrant health and to balance the demands of a busy life. She currently continues her studies with Dr. Vasant Lad and with Arun Deva.

    Whole weekend: $55
    Whole weekend: $48 IY members – must have current class card or monthly
    Whole weekend: $95 two people signing up together for both days. (Please list both names and email addresses in comment box when placing order.)
    Saturday or Sunday only: $35

    Limited Space – Pre-Registration is required.

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  • Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers, Aspiring Teachers & Curious Students
    with Dave Garza HHP


    Functional Anatomy for Yoga TeachersJoin us for a very special 10-hour Yoga Focus on human anatomy with practical applications for yoga asana (postures). Understand the functions of muscles, bones and connective tissue and how they work together in the matrix of the body. Using this knowledge as a background, you’ll learn how to identify imbalances in students as they perform asanas, and gain a greater understanding for how your own body moves in practice and in everyday life.

    This workshop is designed for current yoga teachers, aspiring teachers and curious students to deepen their knowledge of yoga, the human body and explore new concepts. This “focused” weekend would be excellent for physical therapists, personal trainers and is an integral part of Infinite Yoga Teacher Training.

    Dave Garza & Dana Rae Paré

    Dave & Dana

    Dave Garza – Massage Therapist

    Dave is a full-time massage therapist in San Diego and has been teaching yoga students, massage therapists and other health care professionals since 1997. He is certified with The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and is a certified Myoskelatal Therapist. A long time student of yoga, Dave has completed trainings with Matthew Sweeney & Mark Whitwell to name a few. “Studying physical anatomy continually helps me in my understanding of the mind/body unity. It is the main driving force motivating the classes I facilitate.”
    Dave’s humor and teaching style makes this subject less intimidating and much more easy to understand. I never would have thought learning anatomy could be so entertaining!-BR, San Diego
    Regular – $160 both days
    Two people signing up together – $300 ($150 each)
    IY Teacher Trainees – $150

    This weekend workshop is 10 hours (5 hours each day from 1:00-6:00). Limited Space – Pre-Registration is required.

    We will be using the text: The Key Poses to Hatha Yoga Vol II. You can purchase online or at Infinite Yoga. The book is required for Infinite Yoga Teacher Training. It is not essential for this weekend training but it will be useful if you have it. Also bring notebook, yoga mat, water bottle, healthy snack and wear comfortable clothes you can move in.

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