Yoga Focus Workshop Series


Yoga Focus is a twice a week, 3-week, progressive workshop series. Each workshop series brings together the information of a workshop, the flow of a class and the individual attention of a private lesson.

In comparison to traditional 2 – 3 hour workshops, Yoga Focus gives you to time to absorb, review, practice and repeat what you are learning over an extended period. With each new Focus series you’ll gain insight, build self-confidence and advance in your yoga practice.

I enjoyed every minute of it. I was a little nervous going into the workshop, because I didn’t know what to expect, but right away, Dana put me at ease. I never felt pressure to do more than I could or that she was pushing us beyond our means. At the same time, I feel like we all progressed a lot with every session. I really loved it, as you can tell, since I signed up for the other two right away! C.C.

The Yoga Focus series is taught by Dana Rae Paré, founder and creative director of Infinite Yoga & CycleOM. Dana specializes in intensive 200 & 300 hour certified teacher trainings and workshops that empower, inspire and build self-confidence to all levels of students (Dana’s bio).

Preregistration is required as space is intentionally limited. This ensures each student experiences individual attention from Dana, gains the most out of the workshop series and is able to move further forward in their yoga practice. As these workshops are very popular and highly effective, they sell out very quickly.

The entire experience was excellent because not only did my back bending improve but I learned a lot about myself and the practice. The homework piece was super helpful too… it helped me from week to week. The group was great, the time was good. Yep, it was excellent. Thanks again and I can’t wait for the next. R.G.L.

Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 6:00 – 7:30pm for 3-consecutive weeks $96*.
Please Note: If you are a current 8 or 20 class card holder, or have a valid monthly, you may pay a supplemental fee to participate in a Yoga Focus series.

Thank you again for yet another amazing Yoga Focus! I have become not only addicted to the specialized focus but also spoiled by your semi-private instruction! J.W.

* Please Note: There are no refunds if you miss a class.

Yoga Focus Workshops

From $15.00

Refining the Fulcrum – Arm Balancing Workshop with Dana Rae ParéThe “fulcrum” is the central point of balance between two points. Refining the Fulcrum explores the balance of core strength, flexibility and centering to effortlessly practice postures like Bakasana (crane/crow), Parsva Bakasana & Eka Pada Koundinyasana. Through developing core awareness you’ll build confidence in headstands and headstand variations at and away from the wall.

You’ll gain strength and insight to alleviate shoulder and neck issues often caused with imbalances in the body or misunderstanding of the fulcrum point. This all levels focus is taught step by step to ensure all students gain a deeper understanding and build self confidence in mastering these challenging postures while building upper body and core strength.
Refine your Fulcrum and linger longer than one breath!
Next Dates: Tues/Thurs October 4th – 20th
Status: Space Available

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From $15.00

Stretch Your Limits - Yoga Focus Workshop with Dana Rae ParéMove beyond boundaries in your yoga practice by stretching your limits. Focus on increasing flexibility in lower body: hips, hamstrings, calves and lower back. Flexibility will bring more freedom and energy to your body as well as reducing muscle soreness and quicker recovery after challenging yoga practices and workouts. This series combines dynamic and static stretches leading towards challenging postures such as: Padmasana, Hanumanasana, Eka-pada Sirsasana and Samakanasana.
Loosen up and Stretch your Limits!
Next Dates: Tues/Thurs November 1st – 17th
Status: Space Available

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From $15.00

The Roots of Balance - Holiday Handstand Yoga Focus with Dana Rae ParéThroughout the Holidays be firmly rooted, firm and steady with the Roots of Balance. Focusing on handstand preps, variations and adho mukha vrksasana. Handstands allow the mind to become calm and focused, while the body becomes strong and steady. All inversions have tremendous health benefits increasing circulation to the brain, pituitary and pineal glands among others.

Learn the skills to feel safe and confident in handstands at or away from the wall. This workshop teaches step-by-step details to build strength, balance, core awareness and self confidence.

Complete 2016 with handstands and have a UpLifted Holiday Season!

Please Note: This workshop series will be enhanced by attending Refining the Fulcrum (Oct 4th – 20th).

Next Dates: Tuesday/Thursday December 6th – 22nd
Status: Space Available

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