Trainee Testimonials

What people are saying about Infinite Yoga Teacher Training…

“Thank you for taking me places I’ve never been and never knew I could go” S.V.

“What a beautiful experience! Thank you for opening a new pathway for me, for furthering my practice and for being an inspiration.” J.C.

“You are such an inspiration to me. Being around you lights me up and lifts my spirit! Thanks for all.” J.R.

“Much gratitude for your knowledge, patience and energy. You do more than inspire.” S.L.

“Outstanding instruction and insight.” J.W.

“Muy muchos gracias por todo! I feel blessed to have had the chance to take this training. It has mades such a difference in the way I approach teaching.” M.L.

“I’ve learned and experienced so much – doing things I couldn’t have imagined. Thank you for all your support, inspiration and generosity in sharing your knowledge.” J.W.

“I have learned and grown so much… Thank you most of all for challenging me – and for giving me the tools to overcome the challenges.” O.P.

“Your knowledge, presence, energy and love influence me on and off the mat. The Teacher Training was amazing!” D.H.

“Although I had been practicing Ashtanga when I found your program on the Yoga Alliance website, I couldn’t have known how it would grow exponentially. During and between both modules, I noticed how attendees were growing in their confidence and discipline. I appreciate the faith you have in your students to go beyond their limits! Personally, this experience led me to cultivate greater compassion for myself which enabled to persevere even when I had reached my physical limits. I feel very fortunate to have found teachers who have the same enthusiasm for Ashtanga that I initially felt at the beginning of my practice rather than having to convert to another style of Yoga. I feel like I’ve received a solid foundation for my own practice and teaching others due to the diversity of topics covered; the opportunity for practical application; and the teachers & students involved. I look forward to returning to continue to deepen my knowledge and cultivate the inspiration that draws me to this practice.” M.F-G.

“Thank you for your amazing energy and knowledge. I am so grateful for the transformation you have brought about in me” C.G.

“This has truly changed my life, deepening my understanding of yoga has been incredible. Thanks to you Dana – you are an inspiration” I.S.

“I cannot thank you enough for helping me discover and understand the gift of yoga, especially at this time in my life” L.K.