Jun 172016
Dana Rae Pare - Cayenne-Watermelon Elixir

Infinite Yoga Owner Dana Rae Pare in Los Cabos

Summer is often the season we decide to re-invent ourselves: to lose weight; tone up; get ready for the beach/vacay/bikini etc.! We cleanse, detox, omit carbs, and sign up for the latest, greatest boot-camp that will reshape our bodies in just 2 weeks! Summer is also the season when we promise to re-invigorate. We relax our mind and detox and retox in just one week: with a luxury hotel; spa treatments; great food and cocktails!

While it all sounds fun and exciting – does it really work or just paper over the cracks? Does it offer more than a quick fix?

Have you started this Summer with these same expectations? Are you looking for a stronger, leaner body, better skin, a calmer mind and a healthier lifestyle?

Yoga isn’t a quick fix and is certainly not a fad, and though you’ll find some studios offering ‘yoga workouts’, true, authentic yoga is thousands of years old, has deep roots and comes with a discipline that will bring you everything on your list and more!

Developing the discipline of a Daily Practice is far from easy, but having the will and the drive to start something simple like a sun salutation every day will help you develop the internal wiring you need for success. “Do your practice, all is coming” – a simple, but powerful saying from Sri K Pattabhi Jois (teacher to Trevor, Troy and me) says it all.

The body you want – toned, sculpted, lean – that’s daily practice! Better skin, hair, nails and a faster metabolism come from the intense heat, cleansing and detoxifying sweat through your pores with daily practice! Through regular daily practice you begin to connect to yourself on ever deeper levels – reaching a meditative state and connecting with your true authentic self and spirit!

With daily practice you’ll approach summer, and every season, with excitement and joy rather than with a long list of goals. You’ll feel great about yourself, you’ll walk with confidence. There’s a balance of lightness, strength, energy and calm!

OK, I know you’re saying “Intellectually I agree. Yoga has all these benefits, BUT I don’t have time and I don’t have the discipline.” We’re here to help!

Start by “intending to attend“. Mark on your calendar all the yoga classes you intend to attend. Make it to one. Then two. Then three. If life gets in the way, don’t beat yourself up. You don’t always have to do an entire practice.

The key is a daily discipline – just do 5 sun salutes at home – it’s that simple! Think of it as 50 consecutive breaths. When do you even take 50 conscious consecutive breaths? 5 sun salute A’s (surya namaskar A) is 50 breaths.

Start each day with 5 A’s to bring energy and mental clarity. End your day with 50 breaths to unwind and clear your head!

“Do your Practice, All is Coming”
This is a simple way to begin to make great changes in your life forever – not just this Summer!

Move & Breathe Every Day – Starting NOW!

Juice This!

Dana Rae Pare - Cayenne-Watermelon ElixirI love this cooling refreshing juice with a kick, to kick off your summer! It’s really more like puréed watermelon, you can make it in a blender. Watermelon is sweet & hydrating on a hot day, but did you know it’s a high-lycopene food? Lycopene is a carotenoid phytonutrient that is especially important for cardiovascular health! The lycopene and potassium in watermelon promote bone health, help retain calcium which leads to stronger bones and joints.

My favorite here is the cayenne, I put it in and on everything!
The “kick” of cayenne brings many benefits internally and externally. Cayenne gives the body a natural thermogenic boost allowing it to burn stored fat. It aids in digestion, assimilation and elimination! Cayenne helps to aid blood flow from the head to the feet, equalizing blood pressure. It can improve your complexion by increasing blood flow to the skin and is rich in Vit C, E and anti-oxidants.

Here’s my Cayenne-Watermelon Elixir Recipe – Blend, Drink and Glow!

Half seedless organic watermelon
I lime (squeeze in during blending)
1/4 teaspoon organic cayenne
1 cup water (more or less to get consistency you want)

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