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Autumn ginger beer


Change is in the air. The leaves are beginning to turn, temperatures are beginning to fall. Summer is making way for the new season of Autumn.

In nature this is the time to withdraw, move inward and prepare for winter. It is the perfect time of year for inward reflection and preparing for the future. Discover deeper levels of yoga and yourself with my Autumn Yoga Weekend Oct. 18/19th. I’ve condensed the most popular aspects of my teacher trainings and brought them together in just 8 hours of study.

In two days you’ll:

  • Study, experience and increase your proficiency in basic and intermediate yoga postures;
  • Discover, enhance, practice and improve the quality and authenticity of your voice;
  • Sample and explore the benefits of a 10-day yoga intensive/teacher training.

The weekend includes 3 workshops:

  • Finishing Touches – Intuitive Adjustments Parts I & II
    • Learn about the structural alignment and kinesiology of postures and explore greater depth through hands-on adjustments. Whether you intend to teach or not, these techniques will deepen your understanding of the body and help you to move forward in your own yoga practice.
  • Sound System – Vocal Empowerment through Yoga
    • Designed for anyone who speaks! Improve the quality of your voice through ancient yoga techniques and unique vocal exercises. You’ll learn the anatomy of breath and sound, while building core strength and awareness. Enhance vocal confidence as you discover, connect with and express your authentic voice.

This season take some time for inward reflection, Fall forward and join me for my weekend of workshops. Improve your practice and connect more deeply with yourself.

Autumn Yoga Workshop

  • Finishing Touches – Intuitive Adjustments Parts I & II 12:00 – 3:00pm Oct 18/19. more details
  • Sound System – Vocal Empowerment through Yoga 9:30 – 11:40 Oct 19. more details

Juice This!

Dana Rae Pare Autumn Ginger BeerHere’s one for your Oktoberfest party! Looks like dark beer (altbier, Doppelbock, stout, Guinness, you get the idea), tastes sweet & earthy with a healthy kick of ginger. Ginger is excellent for healing gastrointestinal stress, it also contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties called gingerols and has been shown to alleviate pain from arthritis. Combined with the iron from the spinach and beta carotene from the carrots for an Autumn inspired nutritious cocktail.

Here’s my Autumn Ginger Beer recipe – Juice, Drink and Glow!

2 green apples
2 large carrots
1/8 beet
Large handful of spinach
Big hunk of ginger
For Vitamix add half a cup of water and 3 ice cubes

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