Apr 192014
Beauty and the Beets!

Dana Rae Paré backbend on ball


Spring is in full bloom and just as nature blooms and bends, so can your yoga practice. Keeping your spine strong and supple allows energy to flow and brings a sense of lightness and openness. Postures like upward-dog, bridge and backbends (which are part of all IY classes) awaken “prana”, your life-force within, and your interconnectedness to the nature that’s blooming around you.

Ball-bending at home is a great way to stretch and release tight and tired back muscles. It’s excellent for reversing the effects of poor posture, extended sitting at a desk, and/or to let go of your outer rigid shell. You’ll need a 9” ball as in the photo above (a basketball works well too) or roll up your yoga mat and then roll a blanket around it to create a ‘bolster’.

Begin on the ground with your knees bent. Place the ball behind the middle of your back and ease yourself down to your elbows. Take a few breaths, allow more weight to drop down onto the ball. Slowly lower your head to the ground (or a blanket). Carefully extend your legs and “let go”. (Lotus is optional!). Breathe slowly and deeply for 15 – 25 breaths. Reach your arms overhead for a deeper stretch. Reverse the order and come up slowly – notice how Great you feel!

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Juice This!

Beauty and the Beets!Greens are Great, but Beets are for Beauty! Along with a myriad of health benefits including heart health and cancer-fighting properties, beets are great for your skin. High in Vitamin C which helps promote collagen (and reduce wrinkles!), Folic Acid for healthy skin and hair, and Betalain, an anti-oxidant phytonutrient that protects against free radicals (pollutants and sun damage).

Here’s my favorite Hot Pink Drink recipe – Juice, Drink and Glow!

2 x tart green apples
2 x celery stalks
1 x handful of kale
½ – 1 small beet

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