Yoga Focus Workshop Series


Yoga Focus is a multi-week, progressive workshop series. Numbers are limited to ensure lots of personal attention. Each workshop series brings together the information of a workshop, the flow of a class and the individual attention of a private lesson.

In comparison to traditional 2 – 3 hour workshops, Yoga Focus gives you to time to absorb, review, practice, repeat what you are learning over an extended period. Each week you’ll progress as you build understanding, self-confidence and advance in your yoga practice.

I enjoyed every minute of it. I was a little nervous going into the workshop, because I didn’t know what to expect, but right away, you put me at ease. I never felt pressure to do more than I could or that you were pushing us beyond our means. At the same time, I feel like we all progressed a lot with every session. So, I would just say, keep doing what you’re doing. I really loved it, as you can tell, since I signed up for the other two right away! C.C.

The Yoga Focus series is taught by Dana Rae Paré, founder and creative director of Infinite Yoga. Dana specializes in unique teacher trainings and workshops that empower, inspire and build self-confidence to all levels of students (Dana’s bio).

Preregistration is required as space is intentionally limited. This ensures each student experiences individual attention from Dana, gains the most out of the workshop series and is able to move further forward in their yoga practice. As these workshops are very popular and highly effective, they sell out very quickly.

The entire experience was excellent because not only did my back bending improve but I learned a lot about myself and the practice. The homework piece was super helpful too… it helped me from week to week. The group was great, the time was good. Yep, it was excellent. Thanks again and I can’t wait for the next. R.G.L.

Wednesday’s Focus is 6:00 – 7:30pm for 6-consecutive weeks $120*.
Students deepen their understanding of one particular aspect or theme of yoga (back-bending, arm-balancing etc.) and build upon it week after week.

Thank you again for yet another amazing Yoga Focus! I have become not only addicted to the specialized focus but also spoiled by your semi-private instruction! J.W.

* Please Note: There are no refunds if you miss a class.

Yoga Focus Workshops


Balance and Bandhas Yoga Focus Workshop with Dana Rae ParéBalance gracefully and effortlessly as you connect on a deeper level to the true essence of Ashtanga Yoga. Develop upper body, lower body and core strength while gaining insight both physically and energetically to ‘Mula Bandha’ and ‘Uddiyana Bandha’.

A variety of balance postures will be explored: arm balances, inversions, one leg, etc. You’ll awaken the body energetically to feel lighter, calmer and more focused.

Next Dates: Wednesdays Sept 9th – Oct 14th 6:00 – 7:30pm
Status: Full – Join waitlist

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Dana Rae Paré in SirsasanaSirsasana – shir-sha-sana translates as head posture, better known as headstand.

Headstands when done correctly provide more physical and mental benefits than any other posture. That said, turning upside-down cab be petrifying without a wall.

In this 2-week progressive program, Dana teaches the posture slowly and safely in a non-intimidating atmosphere.

You’ll gain knowledge while building the strength and focus needed to confidently practice headstands at and away from the wall.

Next Dates: Saturdays Sept 19 & 26 10:00 – 11:30am
Status: Space Available – Ask a question

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Infinite Yoga Founder Dana Rae Paré in HandstandSpend two progressive Saturday’s building upper body, core strength and gaining understanding of what’s needed for handstands. Learn safely, step by step, with lots of personal attention (and homework!) from Dana. “Focus” on the details of alignment, balance, and “drishti” that brings self confidence along with multiple benefits to this powerful posture.

Next Dates: Saturdays October 10th & 17th 10:00 – 11:30am
Status: Space Available – Ask a question

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Dana Rae Pare Kapotasana PrepLearn the fine art of Intermediate Archery (back-bending) in this step-by-step workshop format.

Archery II teaches the skills, prep poses, deep stretches and breath-work needed to move into more advanced backbends. Students of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga will learn the fundamentals for a safe and pain-free transition into “2nd series” (Nadi Shodana).

All students will benefit – deepening their current yoga practice, strengthening back muscles, breathing more efficiently, releasing emotional boundaries and invigorating their nervous system.

Next Dates: Wednesdays Oct 21st – Nov 25th 6:00 – 7:30pm
Status: Space Available – Ask a question

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