Infinite Yoga’s 300 Hr Advanced Teacher Training
w/Dana Rae Paré for RYT-500 Certification

Watch the Video Summer Advanced Immersion (TTC): August 1st – 10th 2015
Summer Advanced Immersion (TTD): August 12th – 21st 2015
Workshop Weekend (required for certification/included in tuition):
Autumn 2015 Dates t.b.a.
Watch the Video
Frequently Asked Questions
Please Note: This 300 hour ‘bridge’ training is designed to advance accredited RYT200 teachers to the RYT500 level. Both advanced immersions (Course TTC & TTD) must be taken along with a workshop weekend (comprises 3 workshops) and additional assignments to meet the requirement to upgrade to Yoga Alliance RYT-500 accreditation. The immersions may be taken in any order. more details

Move beyond Infinite Yoga’s 200 hr training and go deeper – much deeper! IY’s Advanced “TT” takes you deeper into yourself, and deeper into the art of teaching yoga.

Looking for 10-20 day program to deeply immerse yourself in yoga and become RYT-500? IYTT’s Advanced 300 helps you to move beyond boundaries through daily intensive practice combined with Dana Rae Paré’s unique method designed to take you deeper into yourself and Yoga. Reaching deep inside yourself brings clarity and insight enabling you to see others more clearly. By increasing awareness and through unique daily exercise you’ll take your teaching skills to levels. Building self-confidence visually, verbally and kinesthetically. This training is for anyone who is certified at the 200hr level (RYT-200), has a consistent daily practice and meets the requirements listed below. Not yet accredited at the 200hr level? Learn about this qualification here. Advanced students that meet the pre-requisite asana requirements are welcome to attend to deepen their own practice and knowledge of yoga, whether they are RYT certified or not.

Current Teachers

Infinite Yoga 300hr Teacher Training for Yoga Alliance RYT500 Certification

This training will make you a better and more knowledgeable teacher and enable you to update your teaching credentials to the RYT-500 level. You’ll stand out as a teacher and as a communicator, advancing your teaching skills visually, verbally and kinesthetically to teach and reach all levels of students through Dana’s unique method.

Visually, you’ll learn how to demonstrate with precision, grace and confidence. You’ll develop more body awareness to articulate postures and visually deepen postures to greatly enhance teaching skills. You’ll gain understanding of how you present yourself through feedback and video playback.

Verbally, you’ll improve the quality and tone of your voice with unique vocal exercises, daily practice and a special workshop to strengthen your “Sound System“. Dana draws from her background as a professional vocalist and 20+ years of teaching worldwide to infuse this training with vocal exercises and the “language of teaching Yoga” to build your vocal confidence.

Kinesthetically, you’ll deepen your understanding of the more subtle anatomical and energetic aspects of the body in motion; improve your knowledge of asana alignment; and advance in your ‘hands-on’ adjusting skills with both subtle and more advanced adjustments. IY’s advanced training includes learning how to adjust students in advanced postures, how to assess and manage students with injuries, pregnancy etc., and how to help the aging yogi body. Along with daily practice of reading bodies energetically & practicing adjustments there are two special Finishing Touches workshops included in this training to help continue to improve your kinesthetic skills.

Advanced Students

Our 10 and 20 day Advanced Teacher Training programs are a life-changing yoga immersion, a gift to yourself after your years of yoga practice. You obviously love yoga with all the hard-work, sweat and discipline you put into your practice. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to treat yourself 10-20 consecutive days to go beyond the asana. Gain tremendous insight of yourself physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Move beyond boundaries in your life and in your practice and/or re-ignite your passion for yoga! Ask Dana if you are ready for this training.

What else?

All students of Infinite Yoga’s 300 hr Advanced Teacher Training will be deeply immersed in the history and philosophy of yoga: The Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali & Hatha Yoga Pradapika. You’ll go beyond functional anatomy and into connective tissue, internal organs, the respiratory system and Eastern energetic systems. Several hours each day will be spent exploring these important subjects.

99% Practice

As with Dana’s 200hr training, the 300hr Advanced Teacher Training is all about practice. Each morning practice is designed to challenge you, moving beyond boundaries, bringing fresh insight and helping you to advance in your own personal yoga practice. Begin seated in silence with pranayama and kriyas followed by a 2-hour dynamic practice. The 2-hour morning intensive draws from the roots of Krishnamacharya and will alternate traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa with Dana’s unique improvisational sequencing (vinyasa krama).

Why IY Advanced-300?

A complete and thorough program that not only provides you with all of the requirements to become certified at the 500hr level, but helps you advance and refine your skills as a teacher.

When the truth is known ignorance cannot be, when the mind is pure there is no disease, when the breath is mastered there is no death, therefore, surrender to Yoga. Krishnamacharya

Go Deeper!

How does it work?

If your interest is primarily to immerse yourself in yoga, select either of the 10 day immersions. If your goal is to become nationally certified with Yoga Alliance at the 500hr level you must already be certified at the 200hr level (RYT-200), complete the two 10-day advanced immersions (Courses C and D – can be taken in any order) attend the required workshop weekend (comprising 3 workshops included in your tuition – details) and complete additional assignments. This amounts to 300+hrs of Yoga Alliance approved teacher training to enable RYT-200 teachers to upgrade their accreditation to RYT-500. You may take both 10-day modules in one summer or take them a year apart – which gives you time to absorb the training and start using it in your classes.

Am I ready?

As an advanced student and/or a candidate for advanced teacher training your personal practice must be at an appropriate level. At a minimum you should be able to demonstrate:

  • A current, established 90-min yoga practice at least 4 days a week;
  • Been practicing at this level for at least 5 years;
  • A deep understanding of Ujjayi breath;
  • Maintain sirsasana away from the wall for at least 25 breaths;
  • Proficiency in backbending;
  • Able to hold a handstand (wall OK) for at least 5 breaths;
  • Knowledge of all of the postures in the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa (including the Sanskrit names and anatomy of the pose).*

While this training is geared towards current yoga teachers, students with an established practice meeting the above requirements are welcome to take the training to deepen their knowledge of yoga and themselves.

*This training draws from the roots of Krishnamacharya with a strong emphasis on Yoga Therapy and Vinyasa Krama. The postures of Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series will often be used as a base to draw from. Though you do not need to be an Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, knowledge of these postures at an anatomical level is essential.

Yoga Alliance Accreditation

If you are interested in receiving the RYT-500 credential from Dana, you must already be registered with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 or preferably the E-RYT-200 level.

To obtain your certificate you must attend every part of the training, complete the course and finish your assignments satisfactorily. When you have completed your hours you will receive a certificate. Simply send a copy of your certification to Yoga Alliance to upgrade your credential to RYT-500.

Please Note: Persistent lateness and/or non-attendance is disrespectful to the teachings and will not be tolerated. While some discretion may be applied, students may be required to retake the entire module in order to receive their certificate.

More Questions?

Check out Frequently Asked Questions or ask us here.


The entire Infinite Yoga 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training is $3,500. This includes: two 10-day modules, 3 required workshops and 4 months of unlimited yoga at Infinite Yoga (value: $480) – please note: unlimited monthly can be used with one year of the training. Please let our front desk person know when you are beginning one of your unlimited months. Payment plans are available please inquire here.

Individual modules may be taken at a cost of $2,000 each. (The workshop weekend is not included in this price.)

The prices above do not include the cost of independent study materials:
– Independent Study Materials: $50 to $100.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required along with a completed application. The balance of the tuition ($3,000 or $1,500) is due 30 days prior to the commencement of training. Note: Payment plans are available – ask for details.


Infinite Yoga 300hr Teacher Training for Yoga Alliance RYT500 Certification
*Infinite Yoga is Registered Yoga School #40454 with Yoga Alliance.