Special Holiday Mysore


A special and extended Mysore class is offered on all major National Holidays (unless it is a moon day) in replacement of the regular schedule. Students may join at anytime during the 3hr time-frame and “do your practice”. You’ll find details about Mysore here.

New to Mysore?
If you have never tried Mysore style, join us for our Intro to Mysore Mini-Workshop offered only on certain of our Special Holiday Mysore days. Taught by Trevor at 8:00am, in the 30 minute introduction you’ll learn about Mysore, its context, form and etiquette and ask any questions. Immediately afterwards you go right in to the studio and begin your practice. Workshop price is $16 including the Mysore practice. Read more about Mysore here.

Practice Cards
If you are less familiar with the practice, we do allow students to refer to practice cards in the Mysore room. We have spare copies available at the front desk, and if you wish to practice at home have them available for purchase here.

Friday Nov 28

Recover after the feast! (Don’t forget to join us for our Thanksgiving Day Benefit)

Day After Thanksgiving Mysore 8:00 – 11:00am w/Trevor
All Levels Ashtanga Vinyasa 9:00 – 10:15am w/Nicole

Please Note: All regular scheduled classes are cancelled on the day after Thanksgiving.