Functional Anatomy Weekend Workshop
with Dave Garza HHP

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Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers June 11th – 12th 2016
1:00pm – 6:00 pm each day
$170 for One Person
$160 each for Two People
$150 each for Three People
($150 for IY 200hr Teacher Training Students)

Join Dave Garza H.H.P. for 10 hours of in-depth training in human anatomy (5 hrs each day) at Infinite Yoga in San Diego’s Little Italy. Dave shares his insight and knowledge of human anatomy to help you better understand the functions of muscles, bones and connective tissue and how they work together in the matrix of the body. Using this knowledge as a background, you’ll learn how to identify imbalances in students as they perform asanas, and gain a greater understanding for how your own body moves in practice and in everyday life.

With over 15 years as a massage therapist and over a dozen years teaching bodywork and anatomy in eastern and western traditions, Dave has created this workshop to help break down this dry and often daunting subject into practical, memorable concepts.

This weekend workshop is designed for current yoga teachers and aspiring teachers to deepen their knowledge, build confidence, and explore new concepts. It is also an integral part of Infinite Yoga’s Teacher Training Program*. (IY Teacher Training.) There is something in this workshop for Yoga teachers and practitioners of all levels.

*Please Note: If you are attending Teacher Training from out of Town (or out of Country), we arrange a separate ‘semi-private’ Functional Anatomy Workshop during the Summer Intensives.

What students say about the Functional Anatomy Workshop:

Dave’s engaging and humorous teaching style makes an otherwise complex, sometimes tedious subject much less intimidating and much more easily absorbed. I would have never thought learning anatomy could be so entertaining!  BR, San Diego

It was great! I have nothing but positive comments – no wasting time, no long useless breaks, no topic shifts, everything was covered in the time given. Thanks Dave! AR, San Diego

Dave Garza is the true package – His enthusiasm is contagious and his sense of humor and well-rounded background and experience make him an exceptional trainer.  His creativity in finding every way possible to teach us a subject that at times could be dry and challenging made for a worthwhile and fun weekend. AL, San Diego

Dave Garza H.H.P.
Dave Garza HHPA working massage therapist since 1994, and instructor since 1997, Dave divides his time between a successful massage practice and teaching at select Southern California bodywork schools. Dave’s interests have led him to study with teachers in a variety of different disciplines around the world. He has studied with Shuar Shamans in the Amazon, Toltec Shamans in Mexico, Zen Priests at the Green Dragon Temple in Marin County and taken Ashtanga Yoga teacher trainings with Mark Whitwell and Matthew Sweeney here in San Diego.

Regular – $170 both days for teachers, massage therapists, personal trainers, aspiring teachers and students interested in deepening their knowledge.

Two people signing up together $320 ($160 each)
Three people signing up together $450 ($150 each)
IY Teacher Trainees – $150

This weekend workshop is 10 hours (5 hours each day from 1:00-6:00). Limited Space – Pre-Registration is required.

During the workshop Dave will be using the book The Key Poses to Hatha Yoga Vol. II by Ray Long. The book is not necessary for the workshop but would be beneficial, please bring a copy if you have one. Also please bring a notebook, water, your yoga mat and a healthy snack.

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