Art of Archery II – Intermediate Backbending
Dates: T.B.A

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Dana Rae Pare Kapotasana PrepLearn the fine art of Intermediate Archery (back-bending) in this step-by-step workshop format.

Archery II teaches the skills, prep poses, deep stretches and breath-work needed to move into more advanced backbends. Students of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga will learn the fundamentals for a safe and pain-free transition into “2nd series” (Nadi Shodana).

All students will benefit – deepening their current yoga practice, strengthening back muscles, breathing more efficiently, releasing emotional boundaries and invigorating their nervous system.

This class is for experienced practitioners and yoga teachers. Students with less than 2 years yoga experience are welcome to join and work at their own level through prep poses and observation.

Feel strong, light and energized!

Next Dates: TBA
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