IY Etiquette & Traditions


Do’s and Don’ts…

Towels, Water & Mats

Please bring a towel to every class. Water is available at the front desk, but is not necessary during class. Please keep water bottles in the cubbies and do not drink water during class unless you have a medical condition. Mats are available to borrow, if you don’t have your own. IY also carries Manduka mats for purchase.

Respect for Self and Others

It’s best to practice on an empty stomach and respectful to practice with a clean body, fragrance, lotion and oil free. Please also switch off cell phones before you enter the studio and keep them off until you are back in the hallway. Please no calls or texting in reception.

Moon Days

Ashtanga tradition regards Moon Days (the day of each New and Full Moon) to be non-practice days. In accordance with Ashtanga tradition Mysore classes are not offered on Moon Days. All other classes are taught irrespective of the moon cycle.